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In 1900 a small group of musicians had a vision to create an organization that would serve the interests of music and of the instruments they loved so well. At that time the instruments were Banjos, Mandolins and Guitars. In 1901 that vision became a reality with the formation of The American Guild of Mandolinist, Banjoist, and Guitarists, which was the former name of the American Guild of Music. (AGM) Little did those founding musicians realize the strength of their ideas.

The American Guild of Banjoists, Mandolinists & Guitarists.,was the visualization of a small group of musicians in 1900. This group of musicians gathered together periodically in a more or less social manner for an evening of music. The idea grew that they could best serve the interests of the instruments and music they loved so well, by creating an organization, and enlisting the support of teachers and artists throughout the country. Among the charter members who led the movement to organize fretted instrument teachers were Charles Morris, Clarence L. Partee (Editor of the original Cadenza Magazine) , and I. H. Odell, father of the well-known H. F. Odell (Publisher of the Crescendo Magazine). District Secretaries were named to direct the preliminary organizing work, it included Charles Morris (Editor of Stewart's Journal) Philadelphia, Pa., Clarence L. Partee, New York City, and C. C. Adams (Editor of The Concerto), Dwight, Ill. While these District Secretaries were making the project known to the profession, trade and public were the Assistant Secretaries Fred C. Meyer (Editor of The Tempo), Philadelphia, Pa., 0. H. Albrecht (Editor of Tht Enterprise), Philadelphia, Pa., Chas, F. Graeber (Editor of The Reville). San Francisco, Calif., and F. L. Keates (AssociateEditor of Stewart's Journal) , Philadelphia, Pa.were also associated.

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1930 Plectro-Guitar Band

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