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Ivan Varquez, Student at Perla Cudal Studio, Carol Stream, IL

Going to AGM National Contest always something that I look forward to every year.  To me, this is the time where I can share my talent and it feels good.  It is also about meeting new talented people.  At AGM it not only means getting trophies but it’s also about having fun and enjoying hearing good music.  THAT is what AGM means to me.

Janina Mangylabnan, Student at Perla Cudal Studio, Carol Stream, IL

Each year one of the biggest challenges that I’ve faced is the AGM National Competition.  I like to come to AGM because I can see all my friends again and make new ones.  It also makes me excited to compete against other people to see which of us will win.   It makes me very happy to play the piano where I can express feelings and emotions through music.  I can perform songs I like and play the instrument that I love.   It gives me a venue to show my talents.  I work really hard to make the songs sound good and it really pays off.  That is what AGM means to me.

Katherine Lee of Faye Mao Studio, Troy, MI

The American Guild of Music Means different things to different people.  The AGM changed my life by encouraging me to improve my techniques, becoming a better performer.  It allows me to express my feelings through classical and pop music.

Next, the AGM means friendship many with others from various studios from different locations around the country and Canada.   It doesn’t matter what type of musician they are, we become friends because of our shared passion for music.  These memories and friendships would never have been possible with the AGM.  

Lastly, the AGM has allowed me to change lives through music.  I met people who give me opportunities to help the less fortunate, and I can donate the money that I win to charities. Therefore, the AGM not only means fun and memories, but also hope for the future.


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